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Korean Eyebrow Embroidery by KO BROWS

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

About 2 weeks ago, I did my second eyebrow embroidery! But this time, with KO BROWS.

So the name of the service I chose with KO BROWS is their 'K-Natural Eyebrow Embroidery (women)' and it's usual price is $699 with 1 complimentary touch up. Be sure to mention what service you're looking at because they provide eyebrow embroidery services for men as well!

KO BROWS has definitely raised my standards for getting my embroidery done the next time round because their consultants were incredibly professional. They made sure I understood the procedure and they also worked together with me to find the perfect shape and shade for my brow. They prepped me with a detailed consultation, design process and also help to explain the aftercare which is very, very important. With my fair skin tone, they did a medium tone dark brown colour and made it natural-looking and guess what, they also have private treatment rooms!

How was the procedure like?

The procedure was quick and usually takes around 1.5 to 2 hours depending on each individual's brow conditions and design! And my end results were incredible. If it is your first time with doing embroidery, don't worry. It is painless because they will put on numbing cream before starting and even if you do feel pain, you can request for more numbing cream!

But before doing so, they will draw on your brow. Making sure you're satisfied with the shape and size before starting. I prefer the straight, slightly thicker brows and I prefer a natural shade so even when the colour fades, I can fill it in with eyebrow pencil!

I love having my eyebrows done because other then lashes, having your eyebrows already perfect to go in morning definitely lessen your time when you're doing your make up! Now I only use less then 15 minutes to get my face beat before heading out the door for work.



You can trust KO BROWS with your brows because they're also the winner of CLEO's Beauty Hall of Fame in 2018 for the Most Natural Eyebrow Embroidery! Their KO BROWS specialists has Korean trained techniques for both their Semi Permanent Makeup and Skincare services.

Other services include, K-Natural Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips & Hairline Embroidery and Eyelash extensions and Signature skincare services such as Korean BB Covered Water Shine Foundation and K-Glow PDT LED Light Therapy.

If you like to visit them! Quote “rachlsq” to get additional 5% off on K-Natural Eyebrow Embroidery or you can refer to their facebook for more promotions!

To find them: Our address is at Marina Square Mall, #01-230/231 Contact number : 69960364, 92956788 (WhatsApp) Website : http://www.kobrows.sg

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